Social Media Dos and Don’ts.

Social media is a great way to stay in touch with your clients. Please keep a few things in mind:

Consistency is key
Social media is like a conversation. Once you start talking to your followers, you can’t just stop. Make sure to post once per day, at roughly the same time each day.

Quality posts are important
Like in a conversation, you can’t just brag about yourself and expect people to like you. Constantly posting about stuff you are selling is a big turn off. You need to provide your followers with entertaining, helpful or fun information in the majority of your posts. These kinds of post also have more engagement – positive reactions and sharing with friends.

Video and images are critical
Using images and videos in your posts is critical. A picture is worth a thousand words. Luckily, any modern cell phone can record an acceptable image or video.

Shorter is better
Keep the words to a minimum. People respond to Images and video.

Always link back to your website
Every post should contain a link back to a page on your website. The page should relate to the content of the post.

Use hashtags
Every post should also contain a hashtag. A hashtag is simply a label for content. It helps others who are interested in a certain topic, quickly find content your content. Brand names of products are also poplar in posts listing products.

Ideas for posts:

• Tips – make a short video of how to use your products and services

• Favorite products – share your favorite product and how to use it effectively

• Trends – Share your thoughts on something that’s trending in your industry these days

• Demonstrations – Create a demonstration or How-To video

• Have a contest – Giving something away for free always entices people to engage – weekly

• Fun or inspiring quotes – Funny or inspiring quotes that help you get through the day

• Trending products – Buy a trendy or innovative product and film yourself trying it

• New products – Share new ideas and products

• Seasonal pictures – Snap a pic of seasonal decorations or fresh flowers that celebrate the season

• Gift certificates – You can share how people can purchase your gift certificates

• Testimonials – pull reviews from your Yelp account, Google My Business, or your website

• Staff spotlight – Share your staff and their expertise